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Legal Assistance

Safe4Athletes does not recommend any one lawyer or firm. However it is important to get the legal help that you need in the event that a coach or person in authority has harmed you.

The Legal Aid society is a national autonomous organization that offers PRO Bono services locally throughout the US.  Search for an office near you

All lawyers are obligated to do some pro bono (free) service.  Such service is often limited to low income individuals or non-profit organizations.  Large law firms have more human resources and tend to have more expansive pro bono programs.  Think about attorneys you know and ask for their help and advice on firms to contact.  Be sure to query the firm about their criteria to qualify for pro bono assistance.

Expert Witness

Safe4Athletes offers Expert Witness testimony and consulting on coach-athlete sexual abuse cases.  For more information please see Athletes First Consulting of ( for a C.V. and Fee Schedule